TR Space: Despacho de arquitectura y Urbanismo de TR Grupo Inmobiliario

TR Space: TR Grupo Inmobiliario’s architecture firm

TR Grupo Inmobiliario’s architecture office

TR Grupo Inmobiliario’s architecture office

TR Space is TR Grupo Inmobiliario’s urban planning and architecture firm. Our studio has a team of specialised professionals committed to delivering on each challenge following our work philosophy: creativity, excellence in design and technical resolution, quality and research.

Our attitude based on continuous learning and innovation allows us to master all stages of a project. We create sustainable, highly energy-efficient projects that cut down on resource consumption and adapt to current environmental needs and requirements.

We plan the project execution using the most advanced technologies: BIM, CDE, LEAN and PLANNER SYSTEM.

Main services offered by our architecture firm

> Urban planning and management

We offer advice on and supervision over all the technical and normative instruments. Furthermore, we have thorough knowledge of the way the real estate sector trains new agents.

This allows us to incorporate a service geared towards urban land management and analysis through feasibility processes for the regulation, transformation and conservation of soil conditions.

> Project Drafting

The design team has solid creative and technical experience. We coordinate specialised methodologies for project management and compliance with BIM standards.

Optimised processes ─ such as efficient production using advanced BIM modelling software and cross-disciplinary coordination in CDEs ─ ensure design quality at all stages of the building’s life cycle.

> Site Management

The management and technical inspection of the execution of each building is planned using the most advanced technologies.

By implementing the LAST PLANNER SYSTEM (LSP) and the LEAN philosophy we are able to improve programming processes and qualitative and quantitative construction supervision, reducing variability and uncertainty.

> Project Management

We manage projects by providing added value and ensuring high quality through comprehensive controls of resources, procedures and protocols.

We control the location and optimal integration of the needed resources within the parameters decided by the client. We offer a global view of the project and adaptability capacity in the internal procedures of the hiring profile.

> Sustainability (BREEAM + LEED)

We adopt sustainable methodologies throughout the entire building life cycle when developing our projects. This helps boost profitability in the initial processes and improves energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact

The care we put in when selecting materials, coupled with the use of renewable energies, provides us with energy-efficient buildings. This way, we preserve the environment and control CO2 emissions, meeting our goal of creating responsible architecture.

TR Space: Despacho de arquitectura y Urbanismo de TR Grupo Inmobiliario
, Menorca
Fornells Bay nace como una oportunidad única de estrenar una nueva vivienda en el centro de Fornells. Un proyecto especial, diseñado para ofrecer las mejores vistas a la bahía aprovechando la ...
Vilafranca del Penedès
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Torre de la Girada Residencial es una promoción de 35 viviendas de Obra Nueva en el barrio de la Girada de Vilafranca del Penedès. En forma de Torre de 8 ...
, Barcelona
Edifici Callao Mar es una promoción residencial de viviendas protegidas en el frente marítimo de Mataró. Con 13 unidades en régimen de precio protegido (VPO) y 9 unidades en régimen ...
, Barcelona
Desarrollo urbanístico de 49 viviendas en el frente marítimo de Mataró, barrio de La Havana. Cuenta con una espectacular zona comunitaria y queda muy próximo al centro de la ciudad.
San Feliu de Llobregat
, Barcelona
Bloque plurifamiliar de 30 viviendas de 2, 3 y 4 dormitorios, local comercial y aparcamientos en el municipio de Sant Feliu de Llobregat. El proyecto distribuye los pisos en dos ...
Mollet del Vallès
, Barcelona
Promoción de 18 viviendas de 2, 3 y 4 dormitorios y 33 plazas de aparcamiento, en el barrio de Santa Rosa, en el municipio de Mollet del Vallès. El edificio ...
Hospitalet de Llobregat
, Barcelona
Residencia Estronci 81 es una nueva torre de 79 viviendas de AEDAS Homes en el barrio de Sanfeliu de Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.
Hospitalet de Llobregat
Proyecto residencial de AEDAS Homes de 73 viviendas en el barrio de Sanfeliu de Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. La promoción se ha proyectado para conseguir la certificación energética A.

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