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Real Estate: TR Grupo Inmobiliario

More than 50 years devoted to Real Estate
A 360º global view of the real estate sector. With extensive experience in the Real Estate sector, at TR Grupo Inmobiliario we always look for a tailored and customised solution for each client.

TR Space: Despacho de arquitectura y Urbanismo de TR Grupo Inmobiliario
TR Global: Gestión inmobiliaria integral, promoción delegada y Obra de TR Grupo Inmobiliario
TR Live comercialización de viviendas de Obra Nueva. Comprar pisos nuevos

Real Estate Agency Barcelona
With a head office in Barcelona, we have worked on real estate projects throughout the country. Our experience in real estate allows us to safely and effectively support and back different situations our clients may be in, and our mission is to be one of the leading real estate companies in Barcelona.

Real Estate Spain
The real estate sector in Spain varies or has certain particularities in each geographical area. Because we have worked on various projects in different areas of the real estate sector throughout the country, we understand the needs and possible solutions of each regional market. That is why we adapt each project in each specific area to the demands of each client, and we have the support and backing of the different business lines of the Group to achieve the best possible results in each project.

Historia y experiencia de TR Grupo Inmobiliario: 50 años de experiencia en el sector

TR Grupo Inmobiliario will be there to guide you through every step of your real estate project